Last Chance to Buy Aberdeen Dog Portrait Gift Vouchers at the Old, Low Price!

Don’t Miss Out on the Last Chance to Buy Your Gift Voucher at the Old Price!

Cheap dog portrait gift vouchers Aberdeen

Based as we are in Aberdeen, no-one is more aware than us Aberdonians of the sky-rocketing household bills we’re all about to face. I mean, we’re not quite in the Arctic Circle but sometimes it can feel like it!

Only once before, in the whole 11 year history of Hairy Dog Photography have I raised the price for my basic one hour dog photo session, and that was eight years ago 😃 But with a heavy heart, I’m finally doing what I should have done at least five years ago and am raising prices to meet the fact that in the last eight years, all of my costs have been steadily rising: everything from camera equipment, lenses, printing costs, web-hosting, domain name registrations, insurance, computing equipment etc, etc – I’m sure you get the picture – lots of these costs have literally doubled in the last decade!
In these straitened times, I’m certainly not looking for sympathy – we are, after all, all in the same boat when it comes to electric bills but the good news is I have decided to hold off on the price rise for just over a month, to give people the chance to buy a Hairy Dog Gift Voucher or session for their own dog and family at the old, low price of £70! From the 1st Nov, the price will rise to £120. It’s way too early to think of Christmas… But it may be worth thinking about Christmas 🎅 Sorry.

Up until Oct 31st ’22 you can still pay the old price, so if you were thinking of treating a friend or relative to a dog photography gift vouchers right now is a good time to do it! Of course, it’s also an ideal time to freshen up your own family photography whilst including the hairiest, woofiest member of the family.

Family and dog portraits Aberdeenshire

Honest-to-goodness, no-holds-barred feedback is the most valuable thing to any business and given that people tend to be lovely and polite (well, Hairy Dog clients are!), it’s actually quite hard to come by. There’s no trip advisor for dog photographers, where people can vent spleen from the anonymity of their keyboards! I always try to make a point of asking clients what, if anything could have been done better, what could I have done to make the experience more fun and so on, and then make sure that the info is actually acted upon… All this knowledge has built up over the years into a streamlined, easy-peasy method of working which ensures that all involved (dogs and humans) have a fantastic time during their session and more importantly, that afterwards, people end up with exactly what they wanted on their walls.

I’ve never, ever had to resort to sales pitches. I’ve never explored the route of turning up at clients’ houses with a projector and a case full of samples. Yuck! It’s just not my thing. Luckily for me, the one thing I am very good at is pairing the right products with the right people – you give me a vague idea of ​​what you’d like on the walls of your house and I’ll show you beautifully printed pictures in various forms until we hit the perfect thing! If you’re delighted with the two prints included with the session that’s absolutely fine too!

Anyway, enough rambling… Do take a few minutes to have a look around the specialist Aberdeen Dog Photographer website and place your gift voucher order before Hallowe’en. On the 1st of November, the price will rise to £120, so please don’t miss out!

Dog gift vouchers Aberdeen by Hairy Dog Photography

Beautiful dog photography by Jamie Emerson

Pet portrait gift voucher Aberdeen


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