Dog Walks and Photography around Aberdeen

Hairy Dog Photography in Aberdeen

Since moving back home to Aberdeen late in 2017, I’ve been hugely enjoying finding all the most interesting dog walks straight from the new house at the West of the city. And of course, the camera comes too if there’s even a hint of decent light, so the dog now has an impressive photographic portfolio incorporating the beautiful Aberdeen landscape!

Hairy Dog Photography in Aberdeen

It’s also been fantastic to find so many dog-friendly cafes and pubs throughout the region. A good cup of coffee and perhaps a bit of cake on a Winter dog walk is always welcome and Kasper the dog is usually delighted to get into the warm for 20 minutes – some establishments even offer biscuits and water too! Some of our newly discovered walks require a drive to get to and although I could start listing all the great places we’ve visited (or revisited) it’s probably best if you enjoy discovering them yourself – all part of the fun and there are plenty of apps and Facebook groups for that sort of thing 🙂

The website is now back up and running, Hairy Dog Photography has started to appear on Google and I’ve finally got round to updating my portfolio which you can see on the Facebook page or on the dog photography aberdeen gallery site. While updating the portfolio, I was happy to come across some lovely but neglected photos on various old hard drives – I’ll pop a few up here.

pug photo, jumping pug dog photography, aberdeen

Given that dog photo gift vouchers fairly flew out the door at Christmas time, you can expect lots of interesting new locations to be featured on the blog and Hairy Dog Facebook page very soon. I was in two minds about covering the whole of Aberdeenshire rather than just the city limits but am very glad I did so – wouldn’t want to miss out on all the surrounding countryside and amazing photo opportunities!


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