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Noami and Dustin Grevemberg, Amara

Noami and Dustin Grevemberg, Amara
Noami and Dustin Grevemberg, with Amara

Noami & Dustin are eco-vanlifers, digital nomads and avid outdoorists, exploring the winding roads & backcountry of America with their trusted sidekick, co-pilot and adventure buddy, Amara the German Shepherd. Amara found them on a lonely Texas highway in 2019 and changed their lives forever, now this trio is inseparable. Dustin & Noami are creators at Irie to Aurora where they share digital nomad resources, eco-vanlife tips, and stories about life on the road with Amara. Noami is also the founder of Diversify Vanlife, a community organization dedicated to creating a safe space for representation of BIPOC in road travel and outdoor communities. Follow them on Instagram @irietoaurora & @diversify.vanlife, and learn more at &

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