Should you take pet snakes to sunbathe in the park?

A man has been spotted sunbathing with 20 of his snakes in a local park, setting off a debate among internet users about which pets are appropriate, and which aren’t, for public spaces.

The Friends of Barshaw Park Facebook group said it had been contacted by several people “with concerns about someone bringing snakes into the park”, which is in Paisley, Scotland.

A post read: “It has been reported that recently 20 snakes were brought in by the person.

“Renfrewshire Council has told us that no-one has permission to bring snakes into Barshaw Park. The police request that if you see anyone in the park with snakes, please do not approach the person, but call the police on 101, and they will attended.”

The majority of people online don’t have a problem with the man bringing snakes to the park. credits: Colette Kerr

Members of the group appear divided over whether or not the man, who appears to be a regular at the park, should be banned from bringing his pets out in public.

One user said: “I’ve seen this guy in the park over the last couple of years. He is a lovely person, very friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions.”

“His snakes are calm and I have held them several times,” they added.

Another commented: “Me personally, I wouldn’t have any of my animals anywhere near a public space, as why even present the risk in the first place?”

Most of the comments were overwhelmingly supportive of the pet owner, with most referring to their own positive experiences of seeing the snakes while in Barshaw Park.

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