Oxfordshire pets which are looking for a new home

Milo <i>(Image: Blue Cross)</i>

Milo (Image: Blue Cross)

A pets re-homing center in Burford is looking for new owners for a variety of animals, including cats, dogs, horses and guinea pigs.

Blue Cross is a charity which provides specialist care and support for pets and their re-homing center in Burford is looking for new owners for a wide variety of animals.

As part of the Oxford Mail’s campaign to help re-home pets, below is a full list of animals at Burford who require a new home.

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Oxford Mail: Milos

Oxford Mail: Milos

Milo (Image: Blue Cross)

Animals: Degu

Age: Three years old

Milo has been waiting for a new home for more than 200 days.

He has been described as a wonderful little guy and he enjoys climbing, nibbling on his chews and watching the world go by.

Milo is neutered so he is looking to live with a female or two because in the past he has not gone on with a male degus.

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Skipper and Budd

Oxford Mail: Skipper and Budd

Oxford Mail: Skipper and Budd

Skipper and Budd (Image: Blue Cross)

Animals: Jack Russell Terriers

Age: 14 years old

Ideally Skipper and Budd are looking for a home together as they are brothers.

They are still full of life, love and licks.

The dogs enjoy a relaxed pace of life and see the value in a stroller rather than a march. Skipper loves being on your lap and having a cuddle when he is not taking advantage of a sunny spot in the garden or pottering around the kitchen.

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Skipper will make a great companion for owners who are looking for friendship and company.

Oxford Mail: Skipper

Oxford Mail: Skipper

Skippers (Image: Bluecross)

Budd’s favorite thing in life is to get out for a walk and after he has had a power nap he loves a good fame of fetch or tug.

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Unfortunately, Budd does have some arthritis in his joints so he occasionally needs some gentle guidance to act his age.

Oxford Mail: Bud

Oxford Mail: Bud

Budd (Image: Blue Cross)

Budd enjoys calming activities as well as sunbathing, sleeping and playing ‘find the treat’.


Oxford Mail: Rocco

Oxford Mail: Rocco

Rocco (Image: Blue Cross)

Animals: French bulldogs

Age: eight years old

Rocco is looking for a quiet home where he can recover from his recent surgery and slowly begins to explore the wider world outside of his home.

He is looking for a patient new owner who can support him at his own pace and enjoy the process of setting up positive experiences to boost his confidence.

As he’s a French bulldog, his new owners will also have to be aware of the needs of a brachycephalic breed.

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Rocco loves a good play session and is motivated to train by food.

He is happy to spend some time on his own but is always happy when his owners are there, especially if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinnertime.

He can be worried by new people so he may need a few meetings with his new owners before he goes home.


Oxford Mail: Izzi

Oxford Mail: Izzi

Izzi (Image: Blue Cross)

Animal: Paint

Age: 10 years old

Izzi is looking for a quiet home to rest her paws.

She loves human company and is a sweet and affectionate girl.

She is looking for a home where she will be able to explore the outdoors when she’s fully settled into her new home so a nice quiet garden would be perfect.


Oxford Mail: Flash

Oxford Mail: Flash

Flash (Image: Blue Cross)

Animals: Paint

Age: nine years old

Flash is looking for a very special house.

He’s not had an easy life and struggles to build trust around people.

He’s an inquisitive cat who loves watching the world go by and is comfortable in the presence of people he knows but doesn’t like to be touched or picked up.

He’s looking for a farm or yard type home where he will be cared for a regularly fed.


Oxford Mail: Kitty

Oxford Mail: Kitty

Kitty (Image: Blue Cross)


Age: nine years old

Kitty can be a little shy at first but once settled into her surroundings she loves a bit of fuss and a lap to sit on She’s a little overweight so will need help to lose some of this in her new home and the team at Blue Cross can advise on this.

Kitty’s looking to be the only pet in the home as she hasn’t lived with other pets before.

A home with outdoor access for her to explore would be ideal.

Ned, Nessie and Nellie

Oxford Mail: Rabbits

Oxford Mail: Rabbits

Rabbits (Image: Newsquest)

Animals: Rabbits

Age: six months

Ned the rabbit is looking for a home with his two sisters Nellie and Nessie.

They are lovely social rabbits who enjoy a little bit of a fuss once they get to know you.

Like most rabbits, they prefer to have all four feet firmly on the ground at all times as they don’t like to be picked up.

They’re looking for a home with lots of spaces and things to keep them busy.

Molly and Lilly

Oxford Mail: Molly and Lilly

Oxford Mail: Molly and Lilly

Molly and Lilly (Image: Blue Cross)

Animals: Horses

Age: 22 and 20 years old

Horses Molly, 22, and 20-year-old Lilly have lived together since they were youngsters and were signed over into the care of Blue Cross by their previous owner after their circumstances changed and they could no longer keep them.

The pair, who are both hunter types and just over 16hh, are looking for a non-ridden companion home together.

They would be better suited to a private home just for them, or at least in their own paddock next to other horses.

Angel and Merry

Oxford Mail: Angel

Oxford Mail: Angel

Angel (Image: Blue Cross)

Animals: Horses

Age 15 years old

Horses Angel and Merry are looking for new homes either together or in separate homes after coming into Blue Cross from the RSPCA.

They were found in poor fly-grazing conditions and have been cared for in a Blue Cross foster home since they arrived at the charity, but are now looking for a new home to call their own.

Oxford Mail: Merry

Oxford Mail: Merry

Merry (Image: Blue Cross)

Looking for non-ridden companion homes, they are both good at catching and grooming and enjoy lots of fuss.

They like to live with other friends and are happy to live in a mixed herd, but are also happy to be part stabled with a friend.

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