Best Cat Food Delivery Services 2023

There’s a reason why so many pet owners are excited about the best cat food delivery services: Just like our favorite dog food delivery services, these convenient subscriptions help customers stay on top of their cat’s specific nutritional needs—all without the hassle of frequent trips to the pet store. And whether you prefer to feed your feline fresh or dry food, there really is something out there for everyone. According to Bruce Kornreich, DVM, Ph.D., director of the Cornell Feline Health Center, the most important aspect of choosing what to feed your cat involves seeking out a reputable manufacturer. “The food should also meet nutritional standards for growth in different stages of your cat’s life,” he adds. For example, if you’ve got a kitten, you’ll want to ensure you choose a food that’s designed specifically for little felines; if your cat’s a bit older, a product designed for mature mouths will be ideal. In 2023, our overall top pick is Cat Person, which offers a wide variety of options alongside top-notch ingredients.

But you don’t have to stick with just one subscription, either: It’s not a bad idea to change things up every few months. As Kornreich points out, “Cats can be finicky. Most veterinarians and nutritionists would say that there’s some utility in mixing things up, as long as the food meets your cat’s nutritional requirements.” To choose the best cat food delivery service for you, consider your pet’s age, health, preferred food type and, of course, your personal budget. These are the best cat food delivery services on the market today, to keep your furry friend fed and happy, with minimal hassle on your end.

  • Best Cat Food Delivery Service Overall: Cat Person
  • Best Budget-Friendly Cat Food Delivery Service: JustFood
  • Best Fresh Cat Food Delivery Service: Smalls
  • Best Dry Cat Food Delivery Service: OpenFarm
  • Most Customizable Cat Food Delivery Service: Raised Right


The aptly-named Cat Person service is a winner for several reasons: You’ll be able to choose between wet and dry foods, all packed with delicious, protein-packed ingredients like tuna, duck and chicken. The company does its best to nail your cat’s tastebuds from the start (you’ll be prompted to fill out a questionnaire to customize your pet’s meal plan), and customers also receive a starter box with several different options to try. Deliveries are offered on a monthly basis, and you can change things up within a two-week period between deliveries.

JustFood started out as a dog food delivery service, and that’s still mostly what the company focuses on—but with such an intriguing price point, its cat food offering is worth checking out, too. Although there’s only one type offered (a wet food that’s a combination of chicken and fish), each 18-ounce package is free of gluten, grains and preservatives and is packed with protein. The food was designed for older cats and specifically for those with allergies and sensitive GI tracts, and you can choose to have the food shipped as often as every week (or as infrequently as every eight weeks).

Smalls bills its offerings as “human-grade fresh,” and while that’s not a claim we can independently verify, the company’s overall dedication to quality ingredients is undoubtedly impressive. All of the brand’s offerings are USDA-certified and humanely-harvested with sustainably-sourced ingredients. What’s more, you can choose between food containing several types of poultry or opt for beef or fish. While fresh food is where Smalls really shines, it does also offer freeze-dried raw meals in case you want to mix things up—and you can adjust shipments, change recipes and add treats as needed. While it isn’t the cheapest cat food delivery service out there, Small’s army of fans swear by it.

Open Farm serves both cats and dogs, just in case you want to pick up something for Fido while you’re at it. On the feline front, the service offers a large array of options. You can opt for traditional dried cat food–they’ve got tons of options including antibiotic-free chicken, salmon, whitefish and turkey—or change things up every now and then with their freeze-dried raw food and grain-free raw mix options . All of the food is free from fillers like soy and wheat, and the 4- and 8-ounce bags can be auto-shipped. Worth noting: If traceability is important to you, Open Farm takes great care to show you where its ingredients come from.

Raised Right offers plenty of choices when it comes to feeding your cat. Shipments include 16 1-pound bags of food, and you can pick from original turkey, original chicken, turkey and pumpkin paté and chicken and pumpkin paté meals, entering in the amount you want of each in each shipment. Each recipe is listed online, along with an AAFCO nutrient profile and a comprehensive ingredients list, so you can get a full view of what’s in your cat’s food. If you’re uncertain how much you need, check out Raised Right’s cat food calculator, which helps you determine exactly what your feline friend should be eating (and how often you should do shipments as a result). You get a lot of food at once—16 pounds, to be exact—so shipments are spaced out a little more than other companies. Choose to receive your deliveries every seven, 14 or 28 weeks.

How We Choose The Best Cat Food Delivery Services

To choose the best cat food delivery services, we consulted with a veterinarian to learn more about the most important elements to look for in these products. We then looked at the most popular cat food delivery services on the market and narrowed the field based on factors like ingredients, sourcing, delivery options and value. Reviews from real users were considered as well to ensure we had the best view of how a variety of cat owners feel about their service.

Which Cat Food Delivery Service Is The Very Best?

The best cat food subscription service is ultimately one that will help meet your cat’s nutritional needs at a pace—and price—that’s right for you. Overall, we prefer Cat Person for its quality ingredients and different wet and dry food options, as well as its relative affordability. However, every service on our list has a solid fan base, so whether your cat prefers wet food or dry food, there’s something here for you.

What’s The Healthiest Food To Feed Your Cat?

It all depends on what life stage your cat is in, says Kornreich. “It’s important to work with your veterinarian,” he says. “Some cat diets need to be modified for health reasons.” If your cat is diabetic, for example, a lower-carb food may be the best choice. If they have, say, kidney disease, a low-protein food could be a better option, Kornreich says. In most cases, you’ll want to choose a food that’s low in fillers and made with quality ingredients. Beyond that, a lot of choosing the right cat food comes down to your pet’s tastebuds and preferences.

How Expensive Are Cat Food Delivery Services?

In most situations, it will be cheaper to pick up a can or bag of cat food at the store. However, that requires you to actually make a trip, and your schedule may not allow for that. Cat food delivery services aren’t as expensive as most people think. JustFood, for example, gives you an 18-ounce bag of wet cat food for just $14. Our top pick, Cat Person, starts at $25. In general, the more customization you require from your cat food delivery service and the more premier their ingredients, the higher the price will be—but you can absolutely get a cat food delivery service on a budget.

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