Vets provide free care for Calgary-area pets

The average vet bill can cost anywhere from a few hundred all the way up to thousands of dollars, which is why Parachutes For Pets helped 50 low income families cover the hefty burden.

Melissa David, founder of the non-profit organization, said the vaccine clinic held Saturday at Fen Vet in Airdrie provided vaccines, dental check-ups, x-rays, and everything in between for cats and dogs young and old.

Several veterinary professionals and volunteers gave their time to provide 100 per cent free pet care thanks to help from numerous sponsors who donated to the cause.

“A lot of our individuals today are seniors, which I think is very important to realize that a lot of them are making choices between their groceries and their medication and their pets,” said David.

“It’s important to provide them with a peace of mind at Christmas time that their pets are taken care of.”

David added that Parachutes For Pets received more than 300 applications.

“The need here is just a great example of how important these types of clinics are,” she said.

“We actually had a client come in with a dog that was limping and it turned out that their leg was broken. That family was unable to afford an X-ray before and they weren’t able to get the treatment, but now their dog is being casted and taken care of.”

The clinic was especially important for people like Kim Weyman and her four-year-old therapy dog ​​Fiona that she relies on to help her through mental health struggles.

“I am very grateful for the program for people who are in the economic crisis the way it is right now and this is something that’s extremely helpful,” said Weyman.

“My dog ​​is part of my family, she does so much for us, so it’s important that we can keep her happy and healthy.”

Other people like Lynda Clarke just moved to Alberta six months ago and have been struggling to find vet care.

“We needed to get vaccinations done for our 12-year-old dog Matti and this has been the perfect opportunity to meet a vet and get the help we need.”


Cody Creelman, the owner of Fen Vet, was pleased with the turnout and said his staff members are overjoyed to be able to help animals in need of care.

“This is really part of the fabric and the culture of our practice,” he said.

“It’s been extremely rewarding for the entire team here, they’re grinning ear to ear today and it feels so nice to give back especially around Christmas. I wish we could recreate this feeling every single day.”

Parachutes For Pets says it is continuing to work with volunteers and sponsors for additional clinics that will be set up in the New Year.

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