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Pets are cute, fluffy, adorable…and messy. A shedding cat can layer your floor in fur, or a dog’s muddy paw prints can stain the floor. We love our four-legged friends, but they can mean a lot of cleanups. The good news? A robovac can help. Namely, the OKP Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which is massively discounted right now. Down from $400, the OKP can be yours for just $90—that’s a whopping 78% off! This little blue robot does the work for you, so you can spend more time playing with your pets and less time cleaning up after them. (Worth noting: Amazon has another OKP robot vacuum on sale today, but this is the deal you definitely don’t want to miss!)


OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Save $261 with on-page coupons

Simply program the majorly marked-down vac remotely with the OKP app. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so just tell your smart-home system to turn on your little robot, and it’ll whiz off.

$139 on Amazon

The vac is equipped to handle both wood and carpet flooring, and it has four modes to make fast work of dirt, debris, fur and more. It can follow the wall and automatically clean, spot clean or clean manually so that a mess of any size is tackled with precision and power. It’ll run for up to 100 minutes (on low suction mode) before automatically returning to its charging base to juice up.


Pet hair? Dust? dirt? Not a problem for this clean machine. (Photo: Amazon)

“All I can say is WOW,” wrote one pet owner. “With several dogs in my house, I think this will be a godsend. As soon as I received it, I put it together and let it go. I just swept, for the third time, and it picked up hair from under my coffee table, along the walls, and the edge of my furniture! So far, I LOVE it!”

Another added: “This vacuum is amazing!!! I will never sweep my floors again…Now, we are by no means dirty people, but this really grossed me out to know that our floors were so nasty and hair-covered. The app makes it easy to control — in fact, I’m at work right now while the vacuum is doing my house cleaning at home. Love love love it! Especially if you have pets, this thing is definitely worth it!”

Robovac in four positions

Four different modes help personalize your clean. (Photo: Amazon)

“I wasn’t expecting that it would be so good,” added a third. “I have dogs, two of them shed a lot, which drives me crazy, but this vacuum keeps my floor clean. I don’t see hair anywhere, it goes under the furniture and everywhere with no problem.”

You don’t need to be a pet owner to get the most out of this vac, either:

“Love this little guy,” wrote a happy shopper. “I [set] it was clean by sunrise, so by the time I woke up my floor was clean. It’s very quiet so I don’t hear it in the morning — just when it bumps into my bed. And when I’m on my way to work I ask Google to set the vacuum to clean.”

In short: “This robot vacuum is a life changer! I can’t believe I waited this long to buy it! I absolutely love it — it’s amazing!”

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

This sale is for today only. Snag a top-rated robot vacuum for under $100 while you still can!

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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