Seven massive Hollyoaks spoilers: an ill-fated trip and a villain strikes again

NORMA Crow is relentless this week as she sets an evil plan into motion to strengthen her family.

Meanwhile, one couple gets out of Hollyoaks only to end up in huge trouble. Get the lowdown on all of this week’s drama.

The fairy decides to surprise her girlfriend Juliet


The fairy decides to surprise her girlfriend JulietCredit: LIME PICTURES
The pair heads off to Brighton


The pair heads off to BrightonCredit: LIME PICTURES
But things get out of hand


But things get out of handCredit: LIME PICTURES

1. The fairy gets an idea

Juliet Nightingale (portrayed by Niamh Blackshaw) has been trying to keep her mind off of her health issues following her cancer diagnosis.

This week in scenes airing on Channel 4, she’s brought back to reality once again with a PET scan to determine if her cancer treatment is working.

Thankfully, she isn’t going through her ordinary alone as she’s recently rekindled her romance with her on-off flame Peri Lomax (Ruby O’Donnell).

In later scenes, Peri is taken aback when Juliet shows an interest in Ste Hay and her brother James Nightingale’s wedding planning.

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This prompts her to open up about her childhood and she lets slip that she’s always wanted to go to the seaside.

Inspired, Peri decides to surprise Juliet with the idea of ​​a trip to Brighton while they wait for her scan results.

But she soon has to turn to James and Ste for help when she realizes she can’t afford to foot the bill.

Will they accept to pitch in?

They soon find surprising help


They soon find surprising helpCredit: LIME PICTURES

2. One couple is in need of help

The pair eventually find a way to get to Brighton, ready to create memories amidst Juliet’s cancer treatment.

Peri has pulled out all the stops as the couple take in their deluxe suite and views of the beautiful town.

The lovebirds have the time of their lives as they enjoy the seaside, and a prize from the arcade prompts them to share a special moment on the Brighton beach.

But things take a turn when they party the night away as Peri soon realizes that all of their belongings are missing.

The girls need a miracle in order to get back to Chester but, luckily for them, their fairy drag mother intervenes.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race winner Danny Beard shows up to save the day.

Will Peri and Juliet find their way home?

What is Misbah hiding?


What is Misbah hiding?Credit: LIME PICTURES

3. Misbah is keeping a secret

Elsewhere in Chester, Misbah Maalik (Harvey Virdi) is invited to a job interview for a clinic in the eponymous village and she’s encouraged by her family to give it a go.

Later on, she tells her son Imran (Ijaz Rana) how well the interview went but passer-by Sally St. Claire (Annie Wallace) isn’t convinced she’s being truthful.

Misbah soon has a confession to make at the Maaliks household, as she reveals to have a new outlook on life, which inspires her son Imran, to pursue a passion of his.

Soon enough, the lad has a new career inspiration.

How will it go?

How far will Norma go to strengthen her family?


How far will Norma go to strengthen her family?Credit: LIME PICTURES

4. Norma has a devious plan

With her son Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) being held at arm’s length by Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) from her own children, Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) decides to take action.

But in true Undertaker fashion, her plan isn’t as well-intentioned as some may hope for it to be.

This week, it’s all set in motion as she breaks into Sienna’s flat and rifles through her things.

Later, Norma kicks off the second step by prompting Warren to go see Sienna and asking her if he can prove to her how sorry he really is.

She adds that he may want to take the twins on a day out to a safari park the following weekend.

Warren takes her advice and Sienna reluctantly agrees to let him and his mother take the twins to the Safari Park.

However, Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) figures out that not everything is as it seems.

Hunter is ready for a fresh start


Hunter is ready for a fresh startCredit: LIME PICTURES

5. Hunter has a tough first day

Hunter McQueen (Theo Graham) came back to the village just in time to see his brother Prince get married but, as fans know, this didn’t go according to plan.

Instead, Hunter has found his mark in Hollyoaks again following Olivia’s own departure as a single, heartbroken woman.

This week, Hunter arrives nervously at Hollyoaks High to prepare for his classroom on his first day.

Unfortunately, Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) throws him in the deep end as the new head teacher and makes him start earlier than planned.

Things go from bad to worse for Hunter when he’s unable to control a wild group of kids screaming and fighting around the classroom.

Will he blow all his chances?

Charlie spirals again


Charlie spirals againCredit: LIME PICTURES

6. Charlie gets in trouble again

Nancy has a lot more on her plate than any villager would know as her son Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) continues to cause trouble for himself and his family.

Coming up, Charlie escapes Hollyoaks High for a few minutes to meet his dealer, Taz, but when teacher Beau catches the wind of this and runs out to find him, he smells cannabis on the school grounds, prompting
a locker search.

Students then wonder why their new headteacher is so strict as they’re started by a stern Nancy’s no-nonsense approach at the school.

Charlie turns his back on her, believing none of them should put up with it, and he sets off the fire alarm.

Nancy refuses to let this slide and tells all students outside that everyone will be held back for detention until the person responsible comes clean.

All eyes turned to Charlie and he had no choice but to confess.

How will Nancy respond?

While this remains to be seen, Charlie only digs himself another hole.

Low on cash, he pleads with Taz for more drugs, to no avail.

Desperate, he steals his dealer’s stash and runs away.

Could it all backfire on him?

Will Brooke find their ideal job?


Will Brooke find their ideal job?Credits: Lime Pictures

7. Brooke gets a new job

But while Charlie strays deeper and deeper into trouble, Nancy and Darren’s foster child Brooke Hathaway (Tylan Grant) gets their life together.

This week, Brooke is on a mission to find a job, and, deciding to be proactive, they first try the hospital, and then businessman Tom Cunningham, but no offer is made to them.

Luckily, Lizzie Chen-Williams (Lily Best) is at the right place at the right time as the Love Boat needs new staff.

Will Brooke be up for the task of bartender?

In later scenes, Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) surprises Brooke with a job offer but they worry they may not cut out for the fast-paced environment.

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Will they go for it anyway?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 and E4.

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